Radiowadoo in An exclusive interview with Superstar Entrepreneurial South African Deejay Maestro (@deejaymaestro1)

Radiowadoo in an exclusive interview with Superstar entrepreneurial South African deejay Maestro
Just recently radiowadoo following a track record survey of some art who has contributed immensely in the entertainment industry in different countries happens to shortlist South African entrepreneurial deejay maestro on their interview list.On the interview session which took place before the xenophobia attack, we get to understand that deejay maestro is one unique art that South African has got and also Africa at Large.
Deejay maestro happens to be the first South African art who came out to condem the xenophobia attack on other black nation .CLICK
The interview session took place at Jo.Burg where the superstar deejay had to let out the cat all about him as a deejay and been successful in the industry.
Below is video footage for all to know more about deejay maestro.
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Contact: +2349033907345
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