*#Xenophobia*: South African Deejay Maestro & African Tribe Records – (ft. Slim Pimp • Jayden X & Teflon) Condemns *#Xenophobia*

The multi talent international South African deejay,deejay maestro in collaboration with Some artist from South Africa who didn’t like the ill treatment been giving to other black Nations in South Africa decided to release a song to condemn the attacks on blacks nation in their country in the name of XENOPHOBIA
He wrote:
My name is (@deejaymaestro2), I’m a south african. I would like to issue a statement to all nigerians both in south africa and nigeria, I therefore speak for myself and those who will relate to what I have to say. The impact of what’s happening in my country is affecting our relationship with fans & business relations we have in nigeria, I for one do not condone all the #XenophobicAttacks happening in my country and do state that my people are savages and heartless for having the guts to burn someone alive. In my own personal believe (Not Pointing Fingers),
I believe what’s happening in south africa was organized for no human being would have the guts to murder another simply because of race or being from another country. Furthermore 90% of all videos & pictures that were shared online of south africans looting & killing people were from 2015, every person in their capable mental health would think twice about this and would know that someone might be responsible for all this mediocre to a state even our president has had nothing to say about this. As a south african citizen in knowledge of how good of people nigerians are, I would like to state that not all of us in south africa are barbaric. I’d like if all nigerian people would come into alliance in helping south africans of the problem we have of some bad influential nigerians that are selling & making prostitutes of our African sisters. As we say #NoToGenderBasedViolence & #NoToXenophobicAttacks


Below are the lyrical meaning in South African language..
The Song Goes On To Say, On The Hook: Xenophobia (X2), Please Don’t Kill Your Brother, Please Don’t Kill Your African Brother.
Verse (Summary): I’m a south african why must we have conflict as africans, why must africna brothers fight against each other.
Third Verse (Summary): You’re Killing Our African Mothers, You’re Killing Our African Children & Sisters, Why Must Such Happen When We Should Come Together And Unite.
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