Scarface: Rapper Running for Houston City Council

Rapper Scarface, born Brad Jordan, has announced that he’s running for Houston City Council.

He first teased plans to transition to politics on social media last week. “Should I run for Houston City Council?” he wrote on Instagram. He made it official over the weekend.
In a post to his 240K followers on IG, he wrote, “It’s official. I’m offering myself for service as the next Houston City Council member for District D. Join our movement! More details to come. www.bradfordistrictd.com
Scarface’s slogan is: “Of the People, For the People.” 


Should I run for Houston City Council??


4:28 AM – Jun 6, 2019
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As noted by VIBE, Scarface received a lot of positive feedback from fans and the hip-hop community. Bun B replied to his announcement with: “I’m here for this.” Plug One of De La Soul added “congrats my brother.”

In Aug. 2018, the Geto Boys rap star was honored with his own day in Houston by Mayor Sylvester Turner and Councilman Dwight Boykins.
“You know me as Scarface, but now you get the opportunity to meet Brad Jordan,” he told the crowd at the time. “I’ve done a lot of music, you know. I’ve done a lot of speaking of social … words that take place in our community. That Scarface has turned into Brad Jordan. I really want to let y’all know that I’m getting ready to make a super impact in the community because that’s the most important thing to me right now.
Scarface previously slammed Donald Trump over his handling of Hurricane Harvey that devastated Texas back in 2017.

“The Texans that are helping out fellow Texans and other people who came in from outside of the state are the ones who are truly making America great. These people put all their prejudices aside and they help whoever is in trouble, that’s the true spirit of this state,” he said. “These people who are risking their lives to save other people’s lives in a time of catastrophe, they are making America great again, not who you think.”

Scarface’s announcement to run for city council came a day before Bushwick Bill, fellow Geto Boys member, passed away after battling pancreatic cancer. He was 52.
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Hero Alert! Kevin Durant WILL Play Tonight in Warriors/Raptors Game 5 – VIDEO


*The Golden State Warriors are straight up desperate. Need we tell you that they are on the brink of elimination and trail the Toronto Raptures 3-1 in the 2019 NBA Finals. A loss tonight and the Raptors are the new champions. Pure and simple.
Wait! Hold your horses. Hero Alert! Hero Alert!

Here comes Kevin Durant to the rescue!! Durant, who’s been sidelined for almost a month, because of an injury has said he wants to play tonight.


Here’s the story from CBS Sports:
Assuming nothing changes between now and game time, Durant will be making his first appearance since Game 5 of the conference semifinals more than a month ago. The Raptors have completely controlled this series and now have a 91-percent chance of winning the title, but nobody’s counting the Warriors out, especially not with this news.
That said, it’s a mistake to think that Durant — who will almost certainly be less than 100 percent and likely rusty, out of rhythm and in poor conditioning from so much time off — can just plop back into the lineup and magically turn Golden State back into a super-team. Fact is, they were 6-4 in the playoffs in the 10 full games he played, and they were in danger of going down 3-2 to the Rockets when he went down. And that was full-strength Durant.

Which is to say: this is still largely on Steph Curry’s shoulders.
The load will be lighter with Durant in the fold, no question. But perhaps the biggest mistake the Warriors, and Curry himself, made in Game 4 was thinking the return of Klay Thompson was enough to send Curry back to his usual, egalitarian, largely off-ball role. This could’ve been the influence of Steve Kerr, who simply will not budge from his stance that the Warriors are better off when everyone’s involved, even if that often reduces one of the greatest scorers of all-time to a decoy while lesser playmakers determine the Warriors’ fate.

This also could’ve been Curry being overly generous.

If not downright passive. Complacent. Tired.
And just flat out not good enough.
Either way, it can’t happen again. Not with the title, and perhaps the end of a dynasty, on the line. Durant is going to give Curry some more breathing room, but it’s on Curry to take advantage. The Warriors would be doing Curry a service to play him on-ball a bit more even with Durant back and the ball-and-player movement ethos presumably back in full effect. Give Curry the ball. Trust that he’ll make the right play. If he’s an all-time great player, this is his time. He has to be better than he was in Game 4, but the Warriors also have to prioritize putting him in position to do so.

You can get the rest of this story at CBS Sports.
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Louisiana Cop Forced Mother to Sexually Abuse Her Baby While He Filmed It

*A Louisiana sheriff’s deputy has been fired and charged with possession of child pornography after forcing a woman to sexually abuse her 1-year-old son while he filmed the act, telling her it was his “fantasy.”

“I’ve never seen anything so sickening and disgusting in my own life,” said  St. Gabriel Police Chief Kevin Ambeau during a press conference, WFAB, WBRZ and the Advocate report via PEOPLE.
Former Iberville Parish deputy Shadrick Jones, 33, filmed the first-degree rape of the child, and a woman who said she’d received the video on Facebook reported it to police.
OTHER NEWS YOU MIGHT HAVE MISSED: Rihanna Talks Love, Marriage and Motherhood for Interview Magazine’s Summer Issue


Jones reportedly recorded the video last Thursday afternoon when he went to the mom’s home to serve a warrant for a traffic ticket.
“He had been off duty for 30 minutes,” Ambeau said. “Still in uniform.”
The mother told investigators she feared going to jail when Jones allegedly convinced her to sexually abuse her child.
“For someone to have that type of fantasy, he’s a sick individual. He needs help,” Ambeau said.

Jones was arrested on Friday night and was terminated immediately. The mom has been charged with first degree rape and incest.
“I have 30 years of experience,” Ambeau said. “This is at the top of the list for the worst case. I have never witnessed something so disgusting, it’s sickening to your stomach to see.”
The child is now in the care of relatives.
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